Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back from to Moab

Well I made it back safely from Africa and jumped straight into Education Day for the Colorado Chapter of NHF! It was so great telling my story about Africa to everyone there! These trips have meant the world to me and I think it is very important that everyone is at least aware of the struggles of others in our community. I was so nervous but once I started it felt like I was just talking to a group of friends. If anyone is reading that attended, thanks for the support and kind words!

Now that I am back from that adventure, it's time to start the next! I'm off to Moab, Utah tonight for a week of mountain biking and backpacking! We are headed to a trail called The Maze. No one from our group has been there before but from what I read, it should be a blast! I probably won't have any cell service out there so posts about the ride will probably happen next week so check back then! I'll also post more about Africa as well! Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey Chris - Your presentation was awesome! Best part of the day for me. Thanks for sharing!