Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long time no blog

Hello everyone.  Sorry for such a huge gap in posts.  I wish I could say I have been super busy with crazy adventures but in reality, I have just been really busy with life in general.  Many things have changed in the last few months.  Big things!  First and probably most important was that I quit my job! AHHH!  This was an incredibly hard decision for me to make but I have been so happy with my decision.  I took some time off to relax, took a part time summer job coaching a high school baseball team, and began work on a small business with a friend.  Oh yeah and doing tons of renovation work on our house.

I have to say getting back out on the baseball field has been great.  It doesn't pay well but I really love teaching the game and seeing the guys improve.  We have some really talented players on the team too.  Our record isn't great so far but we are improving and have been playing some really tough teams.

The small business venture is probably the most exciting thing going on right now!  I can't give away to many details yet but my close friend Brandon and I are working hard on getting our idea off the ground.  Just looking for a little funding right now but hopefully you will be hearing from us in the near future!

This week I will also be heading to hemophilia camp here in Colorado.  I will be a leadership counselor and I am really excited for the week to come.  We will be doing tons of fun things but what I am looking forward to most his infusion training with the younger kids.  It's so great watching the older leadership group spend time with the younger generation, encouraging them to learn self infusion.

I'll write a post when I get home!  Hope you will all check back then!