Monday, April 16, 2012

Diagnosing patients in Kenya!

Yesterday was amazing and a bit disappointing all at the same time. The day started out great with Linda and I training several lab techs to run factor assays. It's a tough test but the techs were great an picked up on it fast! We even tested two patient samples and were able to tell Dr. Griest their levels! What made that even more amazing is that one of these patients, who had a head bleed, was finally able to have an accurate level done because they couldn't afford to send a level to South Africa where the only accurate testing could take place. The even more special part was that this young boy had the exact same factor level as me!

After several hours a training we grab lunch which doesn't sound that interesting but ordering tilapia in Africa brings you something a bit different then the states (see the pic below) but it was delicious!

That night was much different. The goal was to draw samples on around 90 patients and Linda and I were going to process everything then run samples on Tuesday. Unfortunately a bad batch of blood drawing tubes put an early end to that. Hopefully today will go much much better!

And today is world hemophilia day! Today there will be a parade that will be attended by the mayor of Eldoret! I will post pictures tomorrow!

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