Monday, September 17, 2012

The Dream Continues! Aconcagua 2013

First of all, its been along time since I have posted.  Life has gotten crazy!  Summer was pretty wild.  I was able to go to hemophilia camp in Colorado again which was an absolute blast, climbed a 14er, went downhill mountain biking, flew a plane and started a small business.  Unfortunately, I lost track of my blog.  I am going to try hard to keep posting consistently and with some new news, that should be easy!

It's official!  I am continuing my quest to be the first hemophiliac to climb the Seven Summits!  I am heading to Argentina this January to climb the highest peak in South America.  The peaks name is Aconcagua and stands at a massive 22,800ft! It's the highest peak in both the southern and western hemispheres.  I'll be climbing with guides from Mountain Professionals (  They have tons of experience on big mountains and I cannot wait to learn from them!  I have tons of training to do to prepare for this amazing adventure but I am excited for this undertaking!

The best part of this climb is probably going to be trying to raise money for a cause near and dear to my heart, Save One Life.  I have mentioned Save One Life several times on my blog and have seen first hand the needs they are trying to fulfill.  Hemophilia in the developing world is a desperate situation and I'm hoping, with your help to raise a bunch of money to further the cause.  I will be working with Save One Life to set up a web page for donations so keep checking the blog, facebook page and my twitter account for information about donating!

Also, if anyone is interested in joining the climb let me know!  Send me a message on my facebook page and I'll give you all the details of the climb.  And I'll leave you with a picture of the mountain itself!  I'll keep posting more about my training and the details of our climbing route soon!  Thanks for all your support!