Monday, April 2, 2012

Exciting Month of April

Since my last post, some amazing new developments have occurred. Remember that trip I took to Africa? Yeah, the one where I helped to set-up a new lab to test for hemophilia and climbed that fairly large mountain.  Well...I'M GOING BACK!!!!

I received one of the most exciting and unexpected phone calls Wednesday of last week from Linda Jacobson.  She informed me that the scheduled clinic in Eldoret, Kenya, where 30 patients with a suspected bleeding disorder were supposed to attend swelled to 130!  They needed my help and despite the short notice I am leaving April 10th!  Even though there won't be any mountain climbs happening, I think this trip will be amazingly special.  This will be one of the first times many of these patients find out what they have and are able to speak with physicians about what to do.  I am so hopefully that this trip will make a positive impact on some of my brothers in the hemophilia community that haven't been as fortunate as myself.

Not only do I get to travel to Africa again in April, I am also honored to be giving the keynote address at Hemophilia Education Day here in Colorado.  I start my voyage home from Africa April 19th, land back in Denver April 20th, then give the address on April 21st.  I may be a bit jet-lagged but I am very excited to tell everyone about last years trip to Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro and now about this years trip!  If anyone is going to be in Denver on the 21st, feel free to come by and learn more about my trip and hemophilia in general!  Check out the the link below for more info.
And if April weren't busy enough I am also going to Moab, Utah!  After the keynote and education day, I will head out for a week long bike trip!  My Uncle Dave and his friends have organized a fantastic trip called The Maze.  I don't know much about the trip but it goes deep into the Canyonlands and even includes and day backpacking trip.

I'm so excited for the month of April and hope I don't get too exhausted.  Keep an eye on the blog as I will try and write updates throughout this crazy crazy month! 

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