Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hemophilia Camp

This past week was Hemophilia Camp and unfortunately I wasn't able to help out for the entire week since I used most of my vacation time on my Africa trip. This dang job thing keeps getting in the way of all my fun lol. Even though I didn't get to go for the entire week I was able to make it for two of my favorite things; infusion training and the leadership peak climb! I woke up early Wednesday morning, packed up the last few things I needed for backpacking, and headed out the door for camp. I got there just in time for infusions and got to help teach some of the younger kids how to infuse. I once again volunteered my arm for practice even though I didn't need my infusion that day. Having an 8 year old go for your arm with a needle is a bit nerve racking but the look on their face when they nail it is awesome! So glad I made it for that.

After infusions we loaded up the BOEC vans and head for our destination; Jacques Peak, a 13,000ft peak just outside of Leadville, CO. Nothing is quite as cool as seeing a big group of hemophiliacs hiking into the wilderness with huge packs on their back! The hike was an arduous one but the views were spectacular! We walked through fields of wild flowers and over streams and even saw a few elk roaming about. Camp was set up with the sun beginning to set and dinner was cooked. My good friend Sean and I decided not to sleep under or tents and hiked up the hill to find a good place to sleep. Laying out under the stars in the middle of the wilderness with all of hemophilia friends was epic!

We woke up early the next morning, about 3:30AM to get ready for our climb. It was my day to infuse and let me tell you, finding a vein with only light from a headlamp and freezing temperatures is not fun! Even with the terrible conditions I let our camp director Amy Board give it a try. I thought it was a bit ridiculous that she spent all this time with hemophiliacs and never infused anyone! Turns out, maybe we should've tried another time cause my veins were not cooperating. I ended up having to infuse my hand but I can't blame Amy for the conditions, she did great. After infusions, we began the hike. Watching the sun come up while climbing was amazing! The hike was fairly easy with just a few rock parts near the summit and everyone did great! We reached the summit around 8:00AM and rested for awhile. I was so proud of everyone for making it and will never forget the experience!

The picture included is of the 3 leadership counselors; Sean, Carlos, and myself and camp director Amy!