Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The end of an epic journey!

Today was my final day in Eldoret, Kenya and what an amazing trip it's been. I wish a blog could really express the emotion I have felt here and all the amazing stories that have happened the last few days and I will definitely try when I get home. Seeing how terrible hemophilia really can be makes me appreciate everything I have even more and makes me even more determined to make a difference in Kenya.

Before I sign off tonight I would like too tell one story that really hit home. A young boy came to Eldoret to be seen at our conference and clinic, he had a destroyed knee that wouldn't extend and to make it even worse he had a terrible glut bleed. He couldn't even stand up straight. This brought back memories of the terrible bleed I had in college that sent me to the hospital and had me on crutches for two weeks, this is where the similarities end. This poor boy thought he had FVIII deficiency and was treated several times with FVIII to no avail. We tested his levels in the lab and the diagnosis was completely wrong. He has severe FIX deficiency. Today he received his first dose of FIX. Hopefully now he will be able to improve.

This trip was filled with stories like this and I feel that this trip has really made a difference in some lives. I will share more stories soon!

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