Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is why I climb.

Yesterday, my mentor and friend Laurie Kelley posted a gut wrenching and painful story of a young boy named Brain with hemophilia.  He lives in Zimbabwe and his story, and those similar stories I have heard while in Kenya make it more and more apparent that we need to help.  Most of you know me as an athletic, active and adventurous person with hemophilia as a minor side note, but this story will show you what hemophilia really is.  I am simply posting Laurie's words and pictures below.
Brian had tears rolling down his cheeks when I asked him to simply lift his arm. He "lifted" it by his shoulders; he cannot hold a cup to drink from. His feet look like balloons. Four of his fingers are grotesquely swollen. I told him we had money to give him, $100--a fortune to him! Some nice man from the States donated it, and Brian promptly looked down at the photo of Jim Morrison (which I had just been admiring). I told him, No... not that guy! We all laughed. Save One Life donors: we ensure your donations get to the kids!
Today at 3 pm, just before heading to the airport, one more African child with hemophilia to visit at the hospital. Imagine my shock: Brian has perhaps the worst care of joint damage and bleeding I have seen in 16 years of traveling to developing countries... he's age 13, weighs only 50 pounds, cannot walk, is an orphan, lives 4 hour bus ride away from the hospital......and he's wearing a Doors t-shirt. He stole my heart.
This is why I want to climb the Seven Summits.  Yes, I want to see if I can, see if I can push myself as far as possible but the main goal is to somehow make a difference in the lives of people like Brian.  Please if you can, donate to my climb.  Any amount helps but mainly, please spread the word.  Send this link and story to family and friends.  And most importantly, if you really want to make a HUGE impact in the life of someone with hemophilia in a similar situation go to and become a sponsor!  I put the links below for both!  Thank for all of your support!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stories. We've let our members and Twitter followers know about it because we think they would be interested and inspired by it. Our site is and our Twitter feed is @SixVibe.

  2. Very painful story. Your story is very helpful to inspire anyone and to increase awareness about hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. I will really suggest to parents, friends to read this and Donate To Support People With Hemophilia

  3. Having haemophilia A this means that his body, his immune system, fights off the medicine – the infused factor VIII. The alternative clotting factors that we used to control bleeding were much less effective. His medical condition was heart broken. Despite our visit to several doctors his health wasn't getting better. He was subjected to different medications, by many doctors for treatment without the assurance of having a permanent cure. Having a son with hemophilia and then, the added challenge of an inhibitor, is not always easy. Suspicion that something wasn’t right began when he was 6 months old due to the heavy amount of bruising which started showing up all over his legs. As a parent, I would love to fix things and make everything better. Fortunately, there have been other positive alternative (Herbal Medicine) though few people doesn't know the challenges of living with hemophilia. If your child is having same problem, do not expose him/her to more danger, use a herbal remedy that is safe and effective. Contact him directly for more info with his email address: