Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hemophilia Caregivers!

Today's drive to work was an interesting experience for me, a local radio station is doing a fundraiser for The Children's Hospital here in Denver and had a story of a little girl with ITP.  ITP is a different disorder then hemophilia but with many of the same symptoms, easy bruising and bleeding, and her story reminded me of my childhood.  Her father described a near death experience that occurred away from home, but it was her doctors in Colorado that helped manage her from states away.  I haven't had any near death experiences, but even ordinary emergency room visits outside of Colorado were overseen by my doctors and nurses here.  No matter the time or the reason for my visit, they were there.  I kept thinking back to a family trip to Hawaii where I came down with a severe fever and nausea.  Although it probably wasn't a bleeding issue, my hematologist in Colorado was all over it.  I also had several emergency room visits in college do to baseball injuries and bleeding, the first people involved were my team in Colorado.  The relationship between a person with hemophilia and there caregivers is definitely a unique one.  They feel more like a family then doctors and nurses.  They even came to my high school and college graduation parties!  I would love to hear everyone's stories about their experiences too!  I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without them, and if any of them our reading this, Thank you! 

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