Thursday, December 22, 2011

Starting off 2011-2012 Ski Season

Winter has finally arrived and despite the lack of snow in the mountains, the 2011-2012 ski season has begun. I have been anxiously waiting to head up the hill and get some turns in again and my brothers trip back to Colorado gave me the perfect excuse  to take a few days off of work and get some turns in.  We had a snow filled drive to my Uncle Dave's house on Monday night but were shocked to find bare mountains on the west side of Loveland pass.

We arose early Tuesday morning and after a great breakfast at Arapahoe Cafe my brother rented some gear and it was time to hit the slopes.  Riding the chair in the brisk morning air was a wonderful feeling that I have truly missed.  Reaching the top and after a couple cautious and timid turns it all came back to me.  Although the snow wasn't great, a bit icy, the joy of skiing was back!

This was also the first time I have skied in a few without infusing before heading out.  I am currently on a new factor product that only allows an infusion once a week.  I was a little nervous about this but a few turns swept those thoughts from my mind.  It was a great first day back on the slopes!

We were exhausted after day one but a few snowflakes falling re-energized us for day two.  We once again had breakfast at Arapahoe Cafe then hit the slopes.  An overcast sky loomed overhead most of the day with small flurries of snow.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  I was so glad to be back skiing.  We had to head home Wednesday night and missed a pretty good storm but it was still a great few days.

For those of you waiting patiently for Part 2 of my Kili climb I will be posting tomorrow!

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