Monday, April 11, 2011

The End of Ski Season

So this ski season was slightly disappointing in the fact that I only got up 11 days compared to my 26 last year but I shouldn't be complaining. Of those 11 days over half were epic powder days! I had a great ski trip with friends from college and got to spend some great time with my uncle Dave! For only getting up a few times this year I would have to call the season a huge success. I learned to ski moguls better then ever before and am pretty sure I can ski down almost anything. It my not be pretty but I can get down it. This season was also a huge success as far as bleeds go. I prophylaxed before most ski days and only had a few minor bleeds! Considering the fact that I skied more difficult terrain this year I would have to say that not getting many bleeds is definitely a huge positive! I will be uploading a video of one of our great runs this year at Breckenridge! Its from the run Ore Bucket and there has to be close to a foot of powder! Sorry for the long video, I don't know how to edit yet and thanks to Kyle Fritz for the great fall footage! Next up, mountain biking in Moab April 15th and 16th, hopefully some sweet rock climbing and hiking, then Mt. Kilimanjaro!

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